A first for the lodge!
After taking a 201/2 inch Bear,
this gent 'surrendered' his bow!!

Black Bear
What should a prospective bear hunter consider when he looks for an outfitter? First, are there big bears in his area? The word BIG is a relative term. Big means bears that are built low to the ground, bears whose ears are tiny, bears with huge butts. Big means bears that will make a fine rug, or a head-mount that demands attention. BIG means book - Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young.
K.C.'s Outfitting has a superb black bear area. Over 2000 square miles of prime habitat that offers something special - almost no competition from other hunters. Our bears grow old - anyone who knows bears understands that BIG bears are at least five to seven years old, preferably older.

Then the hunter should find out how the outfitter conducts his hunts. How many baited stands are being operated? What kind of bait, how is it being presented? How many stands or blinds are available, what styles, how long are the shooting distances.
K.C.'s Outfitting WORKS at bear baiting. Nothing is left to chance, we take baiting very serious. We use proven baits and have a "secret" - LOTS. Bear bait has to be attractive and in our opinion, nutritious. We don't put out bait in hopes that the bears will come to it. We have developed a baiting routing that gives the animals what they want, when they want it.

We put the same importance on stand placement. Our custom made ladder-stands are comfortable and positioned for optimum concealment and shooting opportunity. Every stand has been evaluated, our stands are proven - period. Whether you hunt with a firearm or bow, our guides will put you in the "right" spot.

Why are bears hunted over bait?
The primary reason is so that the hunter can positively identify the sex of the animal, since sows with cubs are protected. A second reason is to optimize the opportunity for a lethal shot so that the animal is killed quickly. From a hunter's viewpoint the opportunity to see a variety of bears is also a great experience.

During his quest the hunter should also check into client services such as accommodations, transportation, handling of the trophies, and one of the most important - food and meals!
Let's start with the good stuff first - Judy's cooking. Home cooked meals - only better! Judy's years of running a café have created a menu that has to be tasted to be appreciated. Beware, you may very well have to loosen your belt a bit before you return home. K.C.'s Outfitting has a unique lodge that combines rustic country living with all the comforts of home. Transportation is also very important and we operate a variety of vehicles that guarantee access in any weather, to the most remote corners of our hunting area. We use 4x4 trucks, 4x4 ATV's and our secret weapon - the Holme-r-r-r.

Let's face it, there are a lot of good bear areas in North America. And there are some very good bear outfitters. Southeast Manitoba has some of the biggest bears in North America and K.C.'s Outfitting is committed to providing the highest quality hunts for our clients. Our success is confirmed by the high percentage of repeat clients that we book every year, and by the wonderful friendships that develop from our hunts.

How does a hunting day unfold? What do I need to know about hunting with K.C.'s Outfitting?
Ken and his guides start baiting about a month before the hunting season begins. Each bait site is monitored two or three times per week. This kind of attention provides essential information as to how many, what size and what color of bears are hitting baits. Ken actually varies the contents of the bait as feeding preferences change during the season. We are not talking throwing out fish-guts and calling that baiting!

Ken conducts a short seminar before the hunts begin. He explains rules and regulations that apply, and discusses essential topics such as shot placement. The guides take the hunters out to the stands in late afternoon. Ken prefers that the hunter is driven right to the stand so that he is in position with a minimum of walking and un-natural disturbance. He reasons that most bears are used to the noise of the ATV's and might even associate the sounds with the re-plennishing of the bait drums.

The hunter stays in the comfortable 16 foot ladder stands until evening, at which time he is picked up right at the stand. Each hunter is provided a walkie-talkie so that he can contact his guide when he takes his trophy. The guide will retrieve the bear and load it onto a special sled. Bears are taken to the main camp where they are skinned and processed in a special building. K.C.'s Outfitting has freezer facilities to ensure the safe preservation of both the hide and also the meat. Ken assures that no meat is wasted since many local people enjoy bear meat, as do most of the clients.


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