Ken Holme has been guiding and outfitting for over 12 years in the south-east corner of Manitoba. Ken's operation, K.C.'s Outfitting, is located just north of the United States border, near the junction of Minnesota, Manitoba and Ontario. The nearest town is Sundown, Mantioba.

Ken is a meticulous operator. This is very apparent in his hunting methods and success, the quality of his equipment, his lodge and his attention to the little details that make for a great experience. In fact, Ken's wife Judy could be considered at LEAST as meticulous and professional. Judy takes great pride in the appearance of the lodge and in the wonderful home-cooked meals and desserts that she makes for clients. Judy is a great cook and a fine hostess - those words are the bottom line!

Several years ago Ken and some talented family members built the K.C. Outfitting lodge. Located on a rural farm property, this rustic log building says one thing - HUNTING! The lodge has that "look" - somehow you know it is the base for some fine hunting and outdoors experiences. Inside, the building has been designed for comfort and convenience. K.C.'s Outfitting welcomes six clients per week, experienced hunters know that is an excellent number of people for a camp. Archery ranges are right outside the porch so clients can practice whenever they get the urge. As a matter of fact, there is excellent hunting within easy walking distance of the lodge.

Manitoba regulations require that the rifle and muzzleloader hunter wear a blaze orange (blaze orange hat and 400 sq. in. of blaze orange) to the blind Archers can wear full camo. For late season hunts Ken has heated stands with full canopies and propane heaters.

Bear and bucks are brought back to a special handling facility at camp that is setup for hanging, skinning and freezing. A large scale is also available so that the critters can be weighed accurately. Ken's objective is to get his clients onto the biggest bear that they have ever seen. For whitetail deer, he likes to set a standard of at least four points per side and racks wider than the ears. Most bucks significantly exceed those guidelines.

Since Sunday hunting is not allowed in Manitoba, Ken uses Sunday as his arrival day for hunts. Bear hunters arrive Sunday evening - Whitetail hunters Sunday afternoon. The hunt week ends the following Saturday morning, or earlier if they are tagged out! Since the lodge is located so near the U.S. border many hunters drive to K.C.'s Outfitting.

Ken and Judy say, "We are very proud of our hunting operation. Our primary concern is ensuring that every client has a great experience, takes home a trophy to be proud of and memories that will last forever."


Proud Member of the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association